Uganda mission trip experience

By Jessie King on 7/19/2023

Movement - 2023

Last month I had the privilege of going to serve with our team on t...

Uganda Movement Foundation 2023

By Dale Mullin on 6/18/2023

Movement - 2023

I was part of a team from Charlotte, N. C., called Movement Foundat...

Taking Down the Ladder

By Reese Davidson on 6/7/2023

Westmont College Soccer Team

On the last day of our trip to Kenya and Uganda, we played a soccer...

Dominican Republic Trip Feb 2023

By Orece Carty on 5/16/2023

Baseball Trip

The presence of God, we ask for it, we want to move in it, we want ...

God's Timing

By Steve Clark Clark on 2/27/2023

Baseball Trip

What a pleasure to travel with this team. I love the way the Lord b...

Salvation at the top of the mountain

By Victoria Raven on 6/21/2022

Waymaker Church

On our trip to our final slum, we had to hike up, what felt like an...

Praying for healing

By Victoria Raven on 6/3/2022

Waymaker Church

Our team visited the village of pugwini, where myself, along with t...

Meeting the team

By Ed Pulkinen on 5/25/2022

SEED Trip with Hope College

The crowd filled the Chicago terminal to capacity. Our flight to Am...

Dominican Republic Outreach

By Victoria Narvaez on 2/28/2022

Baseball Trip to the DR

Tuesday • Encounter a homeless man and the whole team prays and D...

Our African Journey

By Kevin and Elizabeth Suarez on 12/4/2021

Living Water Counseling Trip

With both full and heavy hearts, we are home from Africa. We want t...

Counselors To Uganda Trip

By Michelle Kauffman on 11/26/2021

Living Water Counseling Trip

After 30 plus hours of travel to get to Uganda, we spent our first...

Sports Outreach Dominican Republic baseball launch of coach Jorge Bautista - A new mission field

By Daniel Narvaez on 11/12/2021

Baseball Trip to the DR

Jorge Bautista filled out a Sports Outreach application and after c...

El Salvador 2021

By Katelyn Keefer on 9/15/2021

Medical Missions with LU

Dear Friends & Family, I have some exciting updates, stories, an...

Ometepec 2021 - Fearless when God is ahead of you.

By James Haley on 3/16/2021

Woods Trip- New Albany

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, many asked why...why are you go...