Dominican Republic Trip Feb 2023

The presence of God, we ask for it, we want to move in it, we want the kingdom to God to come on earth as in heaven. Matthew 6 9-10. There is something about being on the baseball fields or visiting a school in Dominican Republic. You feel his presence in tangible way, it is in a child laughter, sharing the gospel on fertile soul. Even with the language barrier, the kids are engaged, their open to the good news, they hear the good news and respond. They have a reverent fear of the Lord, it the simple things when we are praying they remove their baseball caps off their head without being told, visiting the same teams, and a lot of the students have taken their Salvation seriously that they respond they are already saved. It the new life, of sharing the gospel and a school full of kids respond that they want to give their life to Lord regardless of the cost if they face persecution, hardships, trials. Romans 8 31-39 It his presence, we all long for it, but on this trip, we experienced it so many ways and his peace transcends all understanding, Philippians 4:7.