Uganda Movement Foundation 2023

I was part of a team from Charlotte, N. C., called Movement Foundation, that supports missions to other countries by funding the building of Churches, schools and Hospitals like those in the the slums of Kampala. We were a witness to the power of God and saw what He has built for His people in Uganda. Movement Foundation has been raising support to build two Hospitals in Northern Kampala, Uganda. One is a fully functioning modern Hospital and one is under construction. There was schools supported by SOI and Movement that God is using to teach the Word of God and share the Gospel. We attended a tree planting service at a church that was built with funds raised by Movement Foundation. During soccer games we saw how vital the SORC was to the community. The team was also able to share the Gospel to those teams that competed. We also went to Katwe, a slum in Kampala, and helped with the cement plaster of SOM Chess Academy building. This is the project that will transform the slums of Katwe and bring the Good News to those that come there.